Liza is drowning in debt. And so are you! Debt is a feeling we all know, a void or obligation we have to fill. And it’s something that Liza can help you get out of … or not. Welcome to the Jubilee Debtors Club! As Liza leads you through a journey of self-help seminars and wacky last-ditch solutions in an effort to get out of the red, debt becomes more than dollars and cents. It's the currency of love and forgiveness. Both heart-wrenching and hilarious, Jubilee Debtors Club is a refreshing, original and darkly comic performance that talks about dad, Deuteronomy, baseball cards, raspberry tart … and asks us to reevaluate what we owe and to whom.

Elizabeth Wautlet delivers a performance that is both heart-wrenching and funny - a rare gem. A Fringe ‘coup de coeur’.
— Reka Polonyi, Founder of Paris Fringe Festival

You hang on to every word〚Wautlet〛speaks
— Paul Downham, NorthWest End