I teach theatre because I believe in theatre as a sanctuary for real human connection and as a tool to better understand ourselves, each other and our crazy, complex world. By creating and leading an array of dynamic theatre workshops, I help aspiring actors hone their craft, students of all ages explore important social issues, events or works of literature in a new way... or even gain confidence in a foreign language. Teaching is part performance, so I adapt to my audience and am happy to craft workshops to fit specific needs and wishes. 

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It's an absolute pleasure teaching American Drama workshops at the University La Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3! Equal parts theory and practice - an exploration of American acting methods and great American plays. 

HERstory, in association with Women Making Waves

HERstory, in association with Women Making Waves

I'm over-the-top thrilled to partner with Women Making Waves founder Charlotte Haimes to create a unique experience focused on self-discovery and self-acceptance through creative expression, in a judgment-free and shame-free environment.

More HERstory workshops are on the horizon at the Pavillon des canaux in Paris. Join us!

ACTING IN ENGLISH at Cours Florent

I taught and directed a huge group of talented students in 2nd year Acting in English at the world-famous Cours Florent in Paris. Michael Chekov, Meisner, Stanislavsky ... and more Michael Chekov!

THEATRE IN ENGLISH all over the place

I often work with the aptly-named association Théâtre en anglais, which strives to bring great works of English Literature and Drama to schools throughout France. I'm put on a train and sent to classrooms full of students who are happy to have a break from their usual academic routine and learn lots of new things through play. Depending on the text, story, issue or event their teacher would like me to explore, we do physical theatre activities, image theatre, visualisation, tableaux, scene work, forum theatre exercises ... and the time flies by! 

NEIL SIMON WORKSHOP at the University of Pretoria, South Africa

Andres Peyrot and I got a Fulbright Hays grant from the US Embassy in South Africa to create an intensive Neil Simon workshop at the University of Pretoria. Our time there culminated with a student performance of scenes from Neil Simon plays to a packed house. 

One of our dear students, Joanne McQuirk, reflects here on our workshop:

It was an unforgettably incredible experience...They gave us this opportunity to develop our acting skills by exploring and showcasing the comedic plays of one of the greatest living playwrights, Neil Simon. Andres and Elizabeth arrived and approached the workshop from method acting techniques drawing on practices of theatre practitioners like Stanislavski and Adler. Much dedication and discipline was needed to pull off the performance and with directors like Peyrot and Wautlet, we could not help but be excited to commit to every moment of the rehearsal and learning process. As actors we were taken on a journey of learning to connect more freely with our emotions, allowing for trust and vulnerability with fellow actors and exploring different elements of the characters we were to portray. They encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones and in the process we found different aspects of ourselves as performers.

START WITH YOURSELF (and start now) in Paris

I'll be teaching a series of workshops in Paris to help artists create original and resonant autobiographical or semi-autobiographical performances. Follow, fly or thumbs up with me on social media to stay informed!