I'm a theatre maker, performer, voiceover actress and drama arts educator. Paris-based and bilingual, I've helped carve out a niche of English language performance in the City of Lights.



We had a fun run at the Théâtre de dix heures in Paris! Stay tuned for Jubilee's upcoming show dates and festival tours...

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COLLABORATIVE Theatre Projects

I'm lucky to collaborate with a whole bunch of talented, innovative, upbeat/offbeat artists to produce inspiring theatrical performances in Paris and beyond. 

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Here is a performer who is bold, stunning and (sometimes cringingly) honest.
— Reka Polonyi, Artistic Director of the Paris Fringe Festival
Elizabeth’s performance style combines carefully crafted layering of images and text, live performance and film, and juxtaposing humor with darker emotions... On stage she has an Audrey Hepburn-like elegance and charm, but also a strong presence with a hint of danger.
— Leslie Hill, internationally acclaimed performance artist and co-founder of Curious